Never Wait at a Pharmacy Again

  • Free same-day delivery
  • A two-hour delivery window
  • GPS tracking
  • Secure online payment portal
  • Direct billing to drug plans

Find a Trusted Licensed Pharmacy in Your Neighbourhood.


Quality Care from Trusted Licensed Pharmacies in Your Neighbourhood

Freedom of Choice

Freedom of Choice

We want you to be confident when selecting your pharmacy and therefore, we have vetted our pharmacy partners to ensure excellent quality of care.

Safety & Security

Your Local Pharmacists

Questions? Connect directly with your local pharmacist via Phone, Email, and SMS or visit in person. No chatbots or third party.

Safety & Security

Safety & Security

Your prescriptions are prepared and dispensed by a local licensed pharmacist in your area. Your prescriptions are delivered in a sealed package to ensure safety and security.

Fast Prescriptions,
Quality Care for All

Free Same-day Delivery

No more waiting in line or chasing down refills. Your prescriptions are delivered to you at no additional cost.

Twice a Day Delivery

Convenient weekday, weeknight and weekend deliveries.

Two-hour Delivery Window

Assurance of delivery within a courier verified two-hour delivery window.

GPS Tracking

Delivery updates and track your deliveries via GPS tracking.

Courier Details

View courier details online.